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Germans Converted Theresienstadt into “death Camp”, Czech Army Paper Charges

Even Theresienstadt, which the Germans claimed was a “model concentration camp” was transformed into a death camp where thousands of people were cremated in the early part of 1943, a Czech broadcast on the Moscow radio said today, quoting “Ceskoslovenski Listy,” the organ of the Czech Army in Russia.

In the Spring of 1942, the paper, says, many people were sent from Theresienstadt for “resettlement” in the East. Their fate was revealed by documents and clothing found at the Maidanek camp and at camps in Lwow.

In the beginning of 1943, however, a cremation furnace was installed in Theresienstadt. Two to three hundred persons were cremated there daily. About 10,000 Jews who arrived in the camp during May, 1943 were all burnt to death during the year.