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Formation of Jewish State in Palestine Backed by Committee of Inter-american Conference

The World Organization Committee of the Inter-American Conference yesterday adopted a resolution condemning the inhuman treatment of the Jews by the Germans and urging that a Jewish State be established in Palestine as a haven for the Jews driven from their homes.

The resolution, which was introduced by the Cuban delegation, calls for the promulgation of an international bill of rights of the individual containing the following provisions:

1 – A guarantee by the belligerent and neutral nations of the basic principles of humanity and the dignity of all men.

2 – Repudiation of the inhuman treatment of Jews by the Nazis.

3 – Guarantee of a refuge for the thousands of Jews driven from their homes, with immediate free immigration into and colonization in Palestine.

4 – In accordance with the self-determination of nations traditionally proclaimed by the American republics and the United Nations, Palestine should become as soon as possible a free, sovereign and democratic Jewish state.