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Syria Would Favor Federation with Palestine and Transjordan if Jewish Settlement Restric

The present government of Syria would have no objection to the creation of a “Greater Syria,” which would include Palestine and Transjordan, provided that Jews would be barred from the Syrimn and Transjordan sections, according to a statement by Syrian President Shukri bay al-Quwatli given to Richard Wyndham, special correspondent of the British weekly “News of the World,” which appears in that publication today. The President also made the proviso that such a federated state would have to be a republic with the capital in Damascus.

The Sunday Observer says today that there is little likelihood of an early announcement of any detailed proposal for solution of the Palestine problem. Although Jewish representatives were not called to the conferences held by Roosevelt and Churchill in Cairo, it is probable that the Palestine question was discussed there in principle, the paper’s diplomatic correspondent writes. He asserts that while partition is opposed by extreme Zionists, it is favored by the moderates who feel that an independent state in part of the promised land would represent some gain.