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American Jewish Conference Declines Proposal of Jewntsh Committee for Joint Post-war Policy

The American Jewish Conference today informed the American Jewish Committee that it cannot accept its invitation to an informal conference to concider the fornulation of a unified Jewish post-war program.

“We have no doubt that your proposal is dictated by a desire to unite American Jewry on a program for action to meet the post-war needs of the Jewish people,” the reply of the American Jewish Conference states. “But we should like to point out to you that the Conference was established as the representative body of American Jews for that very purpose, and we believe that such an objective can best be served through the instrumentality of the American Jewish Conference.

“We would, therefore, welcome any proposals which you care to submit to the varicas committees of the Conference, which are dealing with all the problems to which you refer in your letter. It is our conviction, moreover, that there is a greater need today than ever before for a unified agency representing all American Jews and as look forward to the time when you may find it possible to resume your place in the Jewish Conferences. The creation of a new committee or agency to serve the same purposes for which the American Jewish Conference was established will only lead to confusion and tend to prejudice the attainment of our objectives.”