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18,000 at Buenos Aires Meeting Pledge Aid for Europe’s Jews; Mourn Martyred Dead

Eighteen-thousand persons, who filled the vast Luna park sports arena here, last night paid tribute to the estimated 5,000,000 Jews murdered in Europe and pledged assistance to the surviving Jews in liberated Europe.

The meeting, which was called by the DAIA, the central organization of Argentine Jewry, was a prelude to the world-wide day of mourning proclaimed for March 14, Speakers, including Moises Goldman, president, and Ricardo Dubrovsky, vice-president of the DAIA, Marcos Turkow of the Polish Jews of Argentina and Marous Regalsky, editor of the Yiddish daily, El Diario Israelita, appealed to the Argentine Jewish community to contribute funds for the relief and rehabilitation of European Jewry.

Diplomatic representatives and Russian Orthodox clergymen participated in the meeting, which was the largest held by the Jews of this country since the outbreak of the war. It concluded with the mass recital of Kaddish by the audiences.