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Arab Leaders Reported to Have Agreed on Establishment of Small Jewish State

Leaders of Arab countries have agreed to the establishment of a small Jewish state in Palestine, about the size of Lebanon, in the hope that this solution of the Palestine problem will be acceptable to Jews, it was reported today in connection with the opening here on Saturday of the pan-Arab congress.

This decision, coming shortly after the talks between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill and the rulers of Egypt and Saudi-Arabia, is taken here to indicate that the governments of Britain and the United States have been informed of this latest plan.

Lebanon covers 3,600 square miles as compared with the 10,429 square miles of Palestine. The population of Lebanon is estimated to be about 700,000.

(Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden told the House of Commons today that the applications of Syria and Lebanon to attend the San Francisco Conference are ünder consideration.” The requests of these countries to become members of the United Nations are also being studied, he said.)