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Rumania Sends Trains to Poland to Bring Back Liberated Transylvanian Jews

The Rumanian Gevernment today announced that special trains will be sent to Cracow, Western Poland, to bring back to their home towns about 12,000 Transylvanian Jews who were liberated by Russian troops from the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Oswiecim and who are now in Cracow awaiting repatriation.

Evidence presented yesterday at the trial of Col. Isopescu, Rumanian chief of police in Golta who is charged with ordering the mass-extermination of 48,000 Rumanian Jews deported to Transnistria, and held under his supervision in the Bogdenovka camp, revealed that the execution was carried out in December, 1941 by machine-gunners and that Isopescu himself witnessed it and took pictures of the mass-murder. The bodies of the massacred Jews were later burned.

The Romania Libera, leading Rumanian democratic newspaper, today demands that Prof. Jen Gruia, author of the anti-Jewish racial laws under the previous pro-Nazi regime, should be purged from Bucharest University where he is a member of the law faculty.