Manchester Guardian Challenges Inclusion of Palestine in New Arab League
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Manchester Guardian Challenges Inclusion of Palestine in New Arab League

The appendix to the recently adopted constitution of the League of Arab Nations which declares that Palestine is an Arab state is sharply attacked today in the Manchester Guardian in an editorial which also challenges the right of Mussa el Alami, “a gentleman who on previous occasions represented the progerman Mufti,” to sit in the League council as a representative of Palestine.

The Guardian calls on the British Government to refute the legality of the appendix, pointing out that Palestine is neither an Arab nor a Jewish state, but a territory mandated to Britain. “Presumably, Laissa el Alami must have gone to Cairo with the approval of the British Administration,” the editorial says. “However, as much as the Foreign Office may welcome the Arab League, the Colonial Office will surely find it difficult to swallow the Palestine appendix.” The editorial concludes by asserting that “pointed questions may be asked at San Francisco, where the future of mandates will be discussed.”

The London Times, in an editorial welcoming creation of the Arab League as a means of facilitating political and economic healing in the Middle East, says that with encouragement from the United Nations, it can help to bring about solution of such knotty problems as Palestine.

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