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Group of Jewish Children Saved from German Camp by Red Army; Ask for U.S. Relief

A group of Jewish children who were found by the Red Army in a German camp at Chochielicze in Poland arrived in the town of Zaglebie Dabrowskie, according to information reaching the Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations here today.

The children come from Czestochowa, Bedzin, Zarek, Zabuzna and Plock. Their parents have disappeared. Originally the children, together with their parents, were at the Oswiecim “death camp.” From there the families were sent to Chochielioze, where the children remained, while the adults were sent elsewhere and probably murdered.

The youngsters were forced to work while confined in the camp and were severely punished and beaten for the slightest infraction of the rules. Our little girl who worked in the camp vegetable garden was kept in a dark cellar for three months because she tried to steal a tomato.

The residents of Zaglebie-Dabrewskie, who are caring for the children, have appealed to Jewish communities in England and America to send relief supplies for them.