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Wives and Children of Jews Killed in Transnistria Attempt to Lynch Pro-nazi Official

A crowd of enraged wives and children of Jews who were killed in Transnistria by pro-Nazi Rumanian authorities today attempted to lynch M. Mihaeseu, who was appointed by former Premier Antonescu to collect gold, jewels and other valuables from the Jewish deportees.

Mihaescu was being questioned by the public prosecutor who is preparing the case against persons accused of atrocities against Jews, when the women and children, who were summoned to the hearing as witnesses, attempted to seize him. He was saved by military police stationed in the court. The witnesses had testified, earlier, that Mihaescu not only confiscated jewels and valuables, but stripped his Jewish victims of all possessions, including their clothing.

The Bucharest radio announced today that 4,800 Jews being repatriated from the Soviet Ukraine (Transnistria) by Russian authorities have arrived in Rumania and that a total of about 17,000 are expected to be repatriated during April. The Union of Rumanian Jews is attempting to re-establish contact between the returning deportees and their families.