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Truman Will Support Roosevelt’s Stand on Palestine; Asks Proskauer, Monsky to White House

President Harry S. Truman will continue the late President Roosovelt’s policy on Zionism, he today, told Dr. Stephen S. Wise, chairman of the Amorican Zionist Emergency Council.

The President authorized a delegation of the council, which consisted of Dr. Wise, Hayim Greenberg and Herman Shulman, to state that he is carrying out the policies of President Roos evelt and that the delegation knew what Mr. Roosevelt’s policy regarding Palestine has been.

President Roosevelt’s most recent statements on Zionism were before President Truman when he met with the delegation, according to Dr. Wise, who said that “The President indicated to us in clear and unmiscakeable torms that he supports the program.”

The President’s press secretary, Leonard Reinsch, announced, meanwhile, that Judge Joseph M. Proskauer; president of the American Jewish Committee, and Henry Monsky, a member of the interim committee of the American Jewish Conference, have been invited to see Mr. Truman.

Mr. Reinsch said that since both Judge Proskauer and Mr. Monsky are on route to San Francisco, they will call upon the President some time in the near future.