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Premier of Govt.-in-exilo Denies Underground Failed to Aid Ghetto Uprising

The Polish Telegraph Agency today released a statement by Polish Premier Tomasz Areiszewski, in London, which took strong exception to an alleged charge by Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, president of the American Federation of Polish Jews, that the Polish underground had refused to help the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in April, 1943, Dr. Tenenbaum is reported to have made the charge at a meeting in New York last week to commemorate the uprising.

“I was in Warsaw during the Ghetto aprising, and as one of the leaders of the Polish underground movement – in the ranks of the Polish Socialist Party – I am witness to the fact that all Poles, both official and unofficial, did their utmost to help their Jewish fellow-citizens in their heroic struggle,” the Polish premier stated. “I would like to add that many entire Polish families were murdered by the Germans for the very offence of trying to conceal Jews.”