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Jews at Buchenwald Urge Admittance to Palestine of All Survivors in Concentration Cames

The Parliamentary delegation which recently visited Buchenwald received while there an appeal from the Jewish aid committee formed in the camp, urging them to allow Jews freed from concentration camps to enter Palestine, it was learned today.

The text of the letter reads as follows: “Dear Sirs: You are visiting German concentration camps. The Jews still there are the last of continental Jewry. There are, at the most, a few tens of thousands men or women and very few children. All the others have been murdered.

“In the name of the Zionists left alive we beg you to open the gates of Palestine and make it possible for these people, after the inexpressible horrors of the last few years, to make life worth living, in a Jewish community. Give them a chance to start a new life.”