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Eucharest Newspaper Charges Dr. William Filderman with Coliaborating with Antonescu Regim

Dr. William Filderman, president of the Union of Rumanian Jewish Communities, is charged with collaborating with the Antonescu Government in the restrictive measures which it imposed upon Jews, in an article in the leftwing Bucherest newspaper Romania Libera, according to information received here.

The newspaper is reported to have asserted that Public Prosecutor Mayo has accused Filderman of astablishing special committees which compelled Jews to subscribe huge amounts of money in taxes for a war equipment loan in support “of the anti-Soviet war of the anti-Semitic regime.”

It charges further that Filderman installed N. Ghingold as leader of the Jewish Center and urged employees to remain loyal to him. Ghingold, a Jew, is already under indictment for collaborationist activities. The paper says that when the camps for Jewish deportees were established in Transnistria. Filderman supported Antonescu and collaborated “in robbing those on whose behalf he pretended to speak.” It concludes by stating that the Jewish leader will have to answer for his actions “alongside those who drove the country to disaster.”