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Parliamentarian Attacks German Refugees in Britain As Parasites and Dangerous Element

A violent attack on German refugees residing in Britain was voiced in the House of Lords today by Lord Ailwyn who charged that there are 40,000 “Germans” in England occupying thousands of homes. He complained of “a sinister infiltration” of these people in the British Broadoasting Corporation, the press, universities and factories, adding that after the demobilization of the troops “there will be no place for parasites in this country.”

Replying, Lord Reading pointed out that ninety percent of the “Germans” here are Jews who lost everything, their homes, their fortunes and their families, and who would have been in Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen if it had not been for England. Speaking heatedly, Lord Reading said. “These young men in British uniforms, walking with British campaign medals for gallantry, these are your parasites and dangerous enemies.