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Fourteen-year-old Survivor of Oswiecim and Belsen Camps Returns to Family in Paris

A fourteen-year-old Jewish boy who had been confined at the Oswiecim death camp in Poland and who was liberated from the Bergen Belsen camp a few weeks ago, came to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency office here today to recount the usual horror story, the only unusual feature being the fact that he survived.

The boy, Charles Zlotnik, was deported from Paris to Oswiecim in 1943. Twice he escaped from a truck which was taking a transport of Jews to the asphyxition chambers. From Oswiecim he was sent to the Nordhausen camp where he worked in a torpedo factory, and from there was sent to Belsen.

The youngster, who is now living with his family who runs a butcher shop in the Jewish quarter, does not seem to have been cearsened by his experiences. He is a sickly, low-voiced boy, who seems overjoyed to have been reunited with his schoolmates who are showering him with sweets and visits to the movies.