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Dutch Jews May Secure Return of Much of Their Confiscated Valuabies and Property

Dutch Jews may recover much of the cash and valuales stolen from them during the German occupation, it was indicated today in a broadcast on the Dutch radio which revealed that three directors of the Lippman-Rosenthal ask, with which the Jews had been compelled to deposit their money and valuables, had been captured by forces of the interior, and that about 300,000,000 guilders had been hand in safe deposit vaults.

According to an estimate published in the Nazi newspaper De Waag during the occupation, the capital stolen from Jews totalled 500,000,000 of which 150,000,000 was a cash, a like amount in business enterprises and 200,000,000 in real estate. A coniderable part of the Jewish property, consisting of cash and bonds, is reported to have been saved, and there is a possibility that the proceeds from the sale of confiscated real estate and businesses were entered on the books of the Lippman-Rosenthal Bank.