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Grandson of Narum Sokolow Safe After Evading Germans in Poland and Austria for 5 Years

Stephen Sokolow-grandson of Nahum Sokolow, late Zionist leader and Hebrew writer-who had been given up for dead in Poland, turned up here today.

Young Sokolow, who was then 16, left school in England for a vacation in Poland in the summer of 1939. He was stranded in Warsaw by the outbreak of the war and for three years lived in the Warsaw ghetto. In 1942 he was placed on a train bound for the Treblinka death camp, but succeeded in escaping and returning to Warsaw where he contacted the Polish underground which furnished him with false identification papers.

Using these documents, he travelled to Vienna where he worked in a rope factory until November, 1944, when he was betrayed to the police and held for investigation. In March, when the Russians were approaching Vienna all the prisoners were evacuated to Czechoslovakia. En route, Stephen escaped and made his way to the American lines, where he met his uncle Florian Sokolow, a Polish war correspondent.