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JDC Relief Worker in Poland Operated Underground All During German Occupation

David Guzik, a Joint distribution Committee representative in Poland who had not been heard from for five years, is safe after conducting underground relief activities for Jews in Poland all during the German occupation, the JDC disolosed today.

When the Wehrmacht invaded Poland, Guzik chose to remain behind. He set about organizing a relief program which helped to sustain the lives of countless thousands, particularly in the early period of German domination in Poland. When the German policy of extermination of Jews was put into effect, Guzik and his associates were compelled to work underground, cooperating closely with the Polish and Jewish resistance movements, and receiving funds as well as supplies through secret channels from the Joint Distribution committee.

At present the JDC is shipping 50 tons of food, clothing and medicaments every week to Dr. Emil Sommerstein, head of the central Jewish Relief Committee in Lublin, who distributes the food locally. The receipt of three 100-bed field hospital was recently acknowledged by the Lublin Jewish Committee.