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Julius Streicher Captured by American Troops; Was Hiding on Bavarian Farm

Julius Streicher, the Nazi leader who was considered "Jew-baiter No.1" because of his violent anti-Semitism, was captured today by American officers on a farm in Bavaria, where he was trying to hide, using false identification documents.

The virulent anti-Semite, who became infamous as a result of his pornographic anti-Jewish weekly "Der Stuermer," and who was very much admired by Hitler for his wild anti-Jewish activities, was discovered by members of the 101st Airborne Division. He was reported to have amassed a huge fortune by robbing Jews and confiscating their property. He was chosen by Hitler in March 1933, to direct a boycott against Jews as a prelude to organised persecution and robbery of the Jewish population in Germany and later in German-occupied territories.

The Berlin radio today resumed broadcasting, under control of the Russians, giving lengthy descriptions of the mass-extermination of Jews in the camps at Maidanek and Oswiecim and queting eye-witness reports. The broadcasts will be repeated for several days in order to acquaint the German population with the crimes committed against the Jews during the Hitler regime.