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Hungary Indicts Anti-jewish War Criminals, Trial of Transnistrian Prison Heads Opens

The Hungarian Provisional Government today announced that 106 former officials have been indicted as war criminals, and simultaneously released the names of about 40 of them, including a former Commissar for Jewish Affairs and three premiers who were responsible for the persecution of Jews.

The Commissar for Jewish Affairs is Stephen Antal, while the ex-premiers are Ferene Szalasy, the last head of the Nazi-controlled Hungarian government; Doem site jay, the first puppet premier after the Germans took over; and Bela Imredi, a leader of anti-Semitic agitation in Hungary, who once resigned from the premiership because he discovered that he had a remote Jewish ancestor. Also indicted was Laszlo Baky, who was in charge of Jewish affairs for the pro-German Government’s Ministry of the Interior.

The Bucharest radio reports that the trial of nine persons who commanded prisen camps in Transnistria where tens of thousands of Jews were murdered opened before a special tribunal yesterday. The defendants are accused of torturing and killing Jewish deportees and non-Jewish political prisoners.