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Network of Ose Branches Oferating in Rumania, Relief Team in Yugoslavia

Twenty OSE branches are now operating in Rumania, where they are taking care of 11,000 children, 2,500 of whom are in OSE homes, Dr. lesar Gurevitch, the organization’s director, disclosed today.

He predicted that OSE activities in Rumania would be extended since there are 90,000 Jewish children in the country under the age of 15, of whom one-third are in need of some kind of assistance. He said that the situation ws particularly acute in Moldavia, where there is a shortage of adequate housing because of war damage. In Jassy, he revealed, two-thirds of the habitable buildings have been destroyed.

An OSE relief team is already working in Yugoslavia, Dr. Gurevitch said, and the OSE and JDC plan to send other units into Crechoslovakia and Bulgaria. Medical supplies have already been sent to those countries. The OSE branch in Casablanca, he said, is aiding 4,000 Jewish children of school age.

The OSE leader said that a conference of the organization’s leaders will be held in Geneva next month to decide where to locate the OSE’s European center. He predicted that Paris would probably be chosen.