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Vichy Intelligence Chief on Trial for Death and Deportation of Jews and Others

Many Jews and resistance leaders including former Ministers Georges Mandel and Jean Zay were turned over to the Nazis or Vichy’s fascist militia by Andrew Baillet, chief of intelligence of the Vichy Ministry of the Interior, it was charged today at the opening of Baillet’s trial before a special court. He was also accused of deporting pregnant women to death chambers in Germany.

Commenting on the trial, the newspaper L’Aurore says that “if in one night in June, 1942, 22,000 could be arrested in Paris and many mothers torn from their children, and if racial laws could be enforced, and if Communists and Gaulists could be arrested, and if many could be jailed whether innocent or guilty and delivered to the Nazi barbarians, there must have been Frenchmen to order it and, more incredible, other Frenchmen to execute such orders.”