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7,000 Liberated Jews Settle in Former German Silesia; Jews from Poland Join Them

The Lublin radio today reported that many Jews from the interior of Poland are going to Lower Silesia where 7,000 Jews Liberated from German concentration camps have settled for permanent residence in and around the city of Reichenbach, where they are working on farms and in factories.

Originally about 15,000 Jews were liberated from concentration camps in Lower Silesia, but all Hungarian, Czech, Belgian and Dutch Jews left for their native lands. The remainder – former residents of Galicia and the Sudeten area – held a conference in Reichenbach, established a central Jewish committee, and decided to make Silesia their permanent home. The conference hailed the return of Lower Silesia to Poland after 700 years of German rule.

In addition to Jews working on farms and in factories, a number have set themselves up in Reichenbach as tailors, shoemakers, and artisens of all kind. The central Jewish committee is arranging to care for children, the sick and the aged.