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Polish Government Gives Report on Liberated Jews Remaining in Camps in Russian Zone

A partial list of former Nazi concentration camps in the Soviet-occupied section of Germany in which Jews are still residing was brcadcast today by the Lublin radio.

It said that 450 women and 50 men are in a camp at Ludwigsdorf, where they are being cared for by local authorities and a Jewish cammittee. About 550, most of whom are ill, remain at Wichti-Ersdorf. Over 1,000 are at Waldenburg, of whom 600 are liberated prisoners and the remainder are relatives who joined them subsequent to their release. Of 3,000 Jews who were used for slave labor in the factories of Langenbielau, 120 are still working in the textile mills there.

(It was reported in London today that in reply to a query by the commander of the Dachau camp as to where they wished to go, the majority of “stateless” persons there said that they wanted to emigrate to Palestine. They urged the Jewish Agency to take steps to facilitate their emigration.)