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Jews in Holland Advised to Emigrate to Dutch Colonies; Told of Better Prospects There

The surviving Jews in the Netherlands are being advised to emigrate to Dutch colonies “since there are no prospects for them in Holland,” The “advice” is given to them in an anonymous pamphlet published in Holland.

“The Dutch Government, ” the author points out, “cannot overcome the complex difficulties inherent in the Jewish problem, which is being aggravated by the growth of anti-Semitism. ” Jewish circles in Holland believe that the author voices the opinion of government circles.

The Amsterdam radio today reported that Dr. Julius Wolff, professor of natural soiences at Utrecht University, died in the Bergan-Belsen camp in Germany. He was 63 years old.

Tribute was paid today to the Jewish students of the University of Amsterdam killed by the Germans, at a ceremony on the University’s premises. It was revealed that of 116 Jewish students of the university only 12 have survived. “The martyrdom and the heroism of our fallen Jewish colleagues should serve as a moral for us,” Prof. van Hulbert, who presided, said. “Our only hope lies in the preservation of humanitarian principles since the accursed Nazi doctrines have poisoned human relations for centuries to come.”