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Rumania Will Not Bar Zionism or Emigration, but Sees No Reason for Jewish State

The Rumanian Government will not oppose Zionist activities here nor bar emigration to Palestine, although it believes that there is no need for a Jewish state, Minister of Propaganda Petro Constantinesou-Jassy told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today in an exclusive interview.

“I believe that, today, Zionism with its desire to create a Jewish state is useless,” M. Constantinesou said, “but the aims of those Jews who want their own state cannot be considered dangerous to any country, and the Rumanian Zionist organization, and its activities, will be permitted to function.”

Discussing emigration, the minister said: “I do not consider that there is any necessity for Jews to emigrate from Rumania, because Rumanian Jews have had all their rights restored. Nevertheless, if Jews decide voluntarily to emigrate to Palestine, the Rumanian government will not make any difficulties for them.”