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Senator, Congressman Urge Truman to Press British to Fulfill Piedge to Jews on Palestine

Insistence on fulfilment of British pledges concerning Palestine was urged today in a joint letter to President Truman by senetor Owen Brewster, Republican of Maine and representative Emanuel Celler, Democrat of New York.

Declaring that American sentiment favors unrestricted immigration of Jews into Palestine and establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth there, the legislators pointed to the previous expression of support from four hundred members of the House of Representatives, from thirty-seven governors and thirty state legislatures, as well as the affirmative planks in the Democratic and Republican party platforms.

The letter asks the President “to act summarily and to insist upon Mr. Churchill carrying out his country’s pledge.” Warning that the situation in Palestine may result in an “explosion” unless the White Paper is abrogated, Brewster and Celler call upon the British Government to “take notice of the intense interest of the American people in a just solution of the problem of Palestine.”