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All Principal Jewish Groups Can Send Liaison Men to Germany, War Dept. Announces

A spokesman for the War Department said today that authorization to send representatives to Germany to act as liaison officers between the U.S. military authorities and stateless and other Jews still held in camps, will be given to all principal Jewish organizations, and is not limited to any one group.

“However, it is up to UNRRA to decide which groups are going, who is to be represented, and how many representatives they are to have,” he added. The War Department, he explained, decides only whether the individuals selected to go are satisfactory to the military authorities. The rest is up to UNRRA.

UNNRA headquarters here told the JTA today that details have not yet been worked out, but that it is now considering applications from several organizations.

The present relations between Jewish labor and industry in Palestine threaten: the continued prosperity of the country and is hampering industrial development, the Jewish Industrialists Association charged today in a cable to the World Zionist Conference in London.

The cable urged that the conference empower the Jewish Agency to introduce compulsory arbitration of industrial disputes. Labor groupshave been opposed to such a proposal.

Meanwhile, spokesmen for demobilized Jewish soldiers expressed the hope today that the London parley would demand that the Palestine Government make available for settlement by veterans all waste and government land in the country.