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Potsdam Agreement Abolishes All Anti-jewish Laws in Germany; Provides Equal Rights

Leaders of all major Jewish organizations today hailed the decisions of the “Big Three” at the Potsdam Conference which, among other things, provide for the complete abolition of the Nazi racial laws and which ensure rights for all citizens of Germany irrespective of race, nationality, or religion.

The text of the tripartite agreement on the political principles to govern the treatment of Germany in the initial control period, contains a clause reading: “All Nazi laws which provided the basis of the Hitler regime or established discrimination on the grounds of race, creed, or political opinion shall be abolished. No such discriminations, whether legal administrative or otherwise, shall be tolerated.”

Another clause in the agreement dealing with the establishment of a judical system in Germany reads: “The judical system will be reorganized in accordance with the principles of democracy, of justice under law, and of equal rights for all citizens without distinction of race, nationality or religion.”