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All Jewish Children in Carpatho-russia Slaughtered by Gestapo,red Cross Official Reports

A representative of the International Red Cross arriving here today from Carpatho-Russia, former part of Czechoslovakia which is now a part of Soviet Ukraine, told the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that during the German-Hungarian occupation all Jewish children there under the age of 14 were slaughtered by the Gestapo.

Of the 110,000 Jews who lived in Carpatho-Russia before the war, 90,000 were deported to extermination camps and the remainder sent by the Germans to do forced labor in special camps, the Red Cross official said. Of the latter, about 15,000 – majority of them women – returned, he reported. The Red Cross appointed a special commission to collaborate with the local authorities in giving each repatriate 1,000 pengoes and clothing as immediate relief.

Reporting on the situation of the repatriated Jews under the Soviet regime, the Red Cross representative stated that the existence of Jewish Community Councils is permitted throughout Carptho-Russia, but no Jewish organization exists and no Jewish school was opened. There are fifty soup-kitchens feeding the Jewish repatriates in need of relief. Convalescent homes and workshops have also been established for the returning Jews, he said.