Jewish Agency Gratified with Truman’s Statement; Want Part in Discussions on Palestine
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Jewish Agency Gratified with Truman’s Statement; Want Part in Discussions on Palestine

Gratification with President Truman’s views with regard to Palestine was expressed here today by the Jewish Agency in a statement emphasizing that it will not be necessary for the United States to send large military forces to maintain order in Palestine. The Jewish Agency also asks to participate in all the discussions and negotiations concerning the future of Palestine. The full text of the statement follows:

“The Jewish Agency for Palestine is gratified to learn that the proposal to establish Palestine as a Jewish State is under active consideration. Jews everywhere appreciate the recognition by the American Government of the justice of the Jewish desire to bring to Palestine as many Jews as possible and re-establish a national state.

“The Agency must point out that the Palestine issue primarily concerns the Jewish people, the Arabs of Palestine and the Great Powers. Arabs of states neighboring Palestine have no other status in Palestine than all other members of the United Nations.

“The question of Palestine is one of the many international problems whose solution must be conceived in justice and equity, and carried out with determination. The nation that large military forces would specially be required in the case of Palestine, has, in the conviction of the Jewish Agency, no relation to the realities of the situation.

“If the future of Palestine is now under consideration by the great Powers, the Jewish Agency representing the Jewish people in matters Palestinian, must claim to be a party to all discussions and negotiations on equal footing with any national government.”

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