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Public Prosecutor at Vienna Trial Asks Death Penalty for Nazis Who Killed 102 Jews

Death sentence for four Nazi criminals now on trial here for killing 102 Jews was demanded today by the public prosecutor following the admission by the four, that they had participated in the torture and mass-execution of the Jews while marching them from the Engerau concentration camp to another camp near Vienna.

The four were members of the Nazi Storm Troops. They pleaded that they had massacred the Jews in obodience to orders from higher Nazi officials. British, American and Russian officers filled the court-room, from the beginning of the trial, three days ago.

The Noues Oestrreich, organ of the Democratic Party in liberated Austria, came out today with an article regretting the fact that the first trial of war criminals held by the Peoples Court deals with Nazi underlings and not with the leaders responsible for selling out Austria to Hitler.