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Persons Participating in Anti-jewish Disturbances in Poland Will Be Severely Punished

Severe penalties will be imposed upon all persons who participated in the anti-Jewish disturbances which have taken place in recent weeks in various Polish towns, it was announced here today in a statement issued by Alfred Fiederkiewicz, Polish Charge d’Affaires.

“We are sorry that such things happened in the new Poland at this moment,” the statement continued, “but we believe that the anti-Jewish crimes are against the whole mentality not only of the Polish Government, but of the entire Polish nation.

“These brutal gangster attacks are being carried out by organized bands of reactionary elements in Poland who think that by making pogroms they will not only harm the Jews, but also the democratic regime of Poland, the statement emphasized. “The gangsters usually come out of the woods and kill not only Jews, but also Polish soldiers and militiamen. Jews can be sure that our government will take the necessary measures to bring these bands to justice. Measures have already been taken to ensure order.”