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President Truman Calls for Permanent Fepc in Address to Congress

Declaring that freedom from discrimination because of race, religion and color was an “American ideal” and “one of the fundamentals of our political philosophy.” President Truman in his message to Congress today reiterated his recommendation that the Fair Employment Practice Committee be placed on a pemanent basis by Congressional enactment.

“During the years of war production,” said the President’s message, “we made substantial progress in overcoming many of the prejudices which had resulted in discrimination against minority groups. Many of the injustices based upon considerations of race, religion, and color were removed. Many were prevented. Perfection was not reached, of course, but substantial progress was made.

“In the reconversion period and thereafter, we should make every effort to continue this American ideal. It is one of the fundamentals of our political philosophy, and it should be an integral part of our economy. The Fair Employment Practice Committee is continuing during the transition period. I have already requested that legislation be enacted placing the Fair Employment Practice Committee on a permanent basis. I repeat that recommendation.”