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Truman Asks International Assistance for Displaced Jews; Dissolves War Refugee Board

The need for the immediate rehabilitation of the displaced Jews in Europe and an international solution of the problem of their ultimate settlement was stressed today by President Truman in a statement announcing the dissolution of the War Refugee Board. The Board will cease to exist as of tomorrow.

Praising the achievements of the War Refugee Board in resouing hundreds of thousands of “persecuted minorities of Europe in imminent danger of death at the hands of the Nazis because of race, religion or political belief,” the President said :

“The tremendous effort which went into the saving of these lives will have been in vain unless steps are taken for the immediate rehabilitation of these survivors of Nazi savagery, as well as for a humans, international solution of the problem of their ultimate resettlement.”

Private American relief agencies were lauded by the President for their “important part” in financing and executing many of the life-saving missions which the government undertook “as a part of the total war against Nazi principles.” The War Refugee Board was established in 1944 by President Roosevelt, and consisted of the Secretaries of State, Treasury and War. Former Brigadier-General William O’Dwyer was executive director of the Board.