Delegation of Jews and Non-jews Asks Truman to Send Food to Europe
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Delegation of Jews and Non-jews Asks Truman to Send Food to Europe

Leading Jewish organizations were among 47 goups represented in “Food for Freedom” whose president, Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow, led a delegation which appealed to President Truman to send as much food as possible from America to avert threatened starvation im Europe.

The appeal to Truman asked that food rationing be continued here, that he drect the Secretary of Agriculture to set aside the maximum amount of food to be sent overseas, that essential foods released by army cut-backs be allocated for relief and that the President continue his support of UNRRA appropriations.

Those signing for Jewish organizations included Judge Joseph M. Proskauer for the American Jewish Committee; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress; I. L. Kennen, executive secretary of the American Jewish Conference; Mrs. Jeseph M. Welt, president of the National Council of Jewish Women and Dr. Samuel Nirenstoin, president of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Marcus Cohen, Local American Jewish Committee representative, was in the delegation of 26.

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