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Nazi Youths Trained for Leadership Revive Anti-semitic Propaganda from Switzerland

Evidence is acoumulating here that many of the 200,000 German youths trained by the Nazis at special schools for future party leadership, who were more or less declared “dead” at the end of the war, have come to life under assumed new names and even nationalities, and are renewing their anti-Semitic propaganda in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Argentina.

There appeared mysteriously in Geneva this week hundreds of copies of a pamphlet in which cartoons and other drawings evidently were reproduced from old line-cuts and electroplates used by Julius Streicher’s scurrilous Der Stuermer, published at Nuremberg. Swiss federal police are still in search of the publishers and distributors of this pamphlet. The pamphlet carries the usual illustrations of Jews with fantastically distorted faces, and the hoary Nazi thesis that “international Jewry” was responsible for the war.