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Wise Urges Action Against “daily News” for Anti-jewish Article, Editor Promises Retraction

An appeal to the Jews of New York to organize mass-protests of readers and advertisers against the New York Daily News was issued yesterday by Dr. Stephen S. Wise in his capacity as president of the American Jewish Congress. The call was issued in connection with the anti-Jewish column by the Daily News Washington columnist, John O’Donnell, which alleged that Jews conspired to secure the dismissal of Gen. Patton.

Meanwhile, it was reported today that Richard Clark, managing director of the Daily News, received a Jewish delegation and promised to publish in this Sunday’s edition an editorial retracting O’Donnell’s allegation. The delegation was led by Milton J. Gaull, nominee for City Council in Brooklyn, and included Dr. M. Yellin, of the Hapoel Hamizrachi, Mrs. Nina Goldstein, of the Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order, and other Brooklyn Jews.