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Three-day Conference of Christian Ministers Appeals to Attlee for a Jewish Palestine

The American Christian Palestine Committee, at a dinner tonight concluding its three-day conference on Palestine, addressed an appeal to Prime Minister Attlee emphasizing that the difficulties in carrying out the Labor Party’s pledges on Palestine, as well as the establishment of a self-governing Jewish Commonwealth there, can be overcome “if your government and ours act jointly, and with the backing of all the United Nations, to create an international trusteeship which will ensure the free passage and settlement of all Jews who might wish to go to Palestine in the expectation of finding permanent security under a government of their own choosing.”

The appeal emphasized that the organization speaks for “more than 2,000 Christian ministers and more than 250 members of Congress.

The conference also sent a message to President Truman thanking him for his request that Britain admit 100,000 Jews to Palestine and asking that “the United States take all action required to convince all parties that it is determined to see a Jewish Commonwealth established in Palestine as a permanent home for the Jewish people.”