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Aboishment of All Nazi Racial Measures Decreed in State Dept. Directive to Eisenhower

The abrogation of all Nazi measures establishing “discrimination on grounds of race, nationality, creed or political opinion, ” is undered in a State Department directive to General Eisenhower regarding the military government of Germany, made public here today.

The directive stresses that any person who participated in racial persecutions and diseriminations is to be treated as an active Nazi and not as a “nominal participant in party activities.” At the same time, it ordered the immediate release of all persons in the American zone “detained or placed in custody on grounds of race, nationality, creed or political-opinions,” and instructed that they are to be treated as displaced persons.

Special efforts were ordered to save documents, files, books, plans, scientific, industrial and other information belonging to “institutes and special bureaus devoting themselves to racial, political, militaristic or similar research or propaganda.”