Polish Government Taking Measures to Combat Anti-jewish Outbreaks, Foreign Minister Says
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Polish Government Taking Measures to Combat Anti-jewish Outbreaks, Foreign Minister Says

Polish Foreign Minister Wincenty Rzymowski, in a lengthy analysis of anti-Semitism in Poland, told a large press conference here today that the Polish Government, supported by all four parties composing it, is taking numerous measures to combat anti-Semitic outbreaks.

Replying to a question by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Minister expressed his pleasure that it was asked. He declared that the outbreaks are the remains of the “bad pre-war tradition” of all Polish Governments before 1939. He said that Jews in Poland now not only have equal rights as citizens but equal rights socially. “They have complete freedom to live as free citizens,” the Minister stated.

Outlining steps taken to fight anti-Semitism, Mr. Rzymowski cited legislation providing equal rights for Jews, punishment of anti-Semitic crimes, opening of schools and universities previously closed to Jews and removal of the “numerous clauses,” and appointment of Jews to important administrative and Government posts.

The Minister said that anti-Semitism in Poland was the “main instrument” of all previous Polish Governments, that Hitler’s propaganda in Poland was anti-Semitic and that the chief source of this anti-Semitic propaganda was destroyed when Germany was defeated. He pointed out that three million Jews and three million Poles were murdered by the Nazis and said that the Polish people remember that Poles and Jews alike suffered from the same Nazi blows.

About 100,000 Jews are in Poland at the present time according to the Minister, and approximately the same number are expected to return from the Soviet Union.

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