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Jewish Life in Bohemia Will Be Extinct in One Generation, Government Official Says

Unless there is Jewish immigration into Bohemia from Slovakia, the Carpathe-Ukraine and Poland, Jewish life in Bohemia will be extinct in one generation, it was stated here today by a high Jewish official of the Government.

Half of the Jews in Bohemia are inter-married and their children are mostly mix-Jewish, the official said. At present, there are only 96 children in Prague requiring Jewish religious instruction. Jewish religious life is insignificant, and there is little demand for Jewish cultural activity from the Jewish community council.

Virtually all Jewish activities in Bohemia are conduted by a few dozen Zionists, the Jewish official continued. The newly-established Central Jewish Council deals more “with outhanasia than with rebirth,” he added.

The Zionist activities here are restricted to a youth department catering to about fifty young Jews. teaching them Hebrew and educating them in Zionist affairs. There is also a Palestine office, which was recently established to facilitate the imigration of Jews to Jews to Palestine.