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Dr. Ley, Nazi Leader, Leaves Note Urging Germans to Rid Nation of Anti-semitism

Dr. Robert Ley, Nazi Labor Front chief who committed suicide in his war criminal cell last night, left a written appeal to the German people to rid themselves of anti-Semitism, emphasizing that Germany suffered defeat because of the Nazi anti-Jewish teachings. The appeal, written in German, reads as follows:

“We have forsaken God, and therefore we were forsaken by God. We put human volition in the place of His godly grace. In anti-Semitism we violated a basic commendment of His creation. Anti-Semitism distorted our outlook, and we made grave errors. It is hard to admit mistakes, but the whole existence of our people is in question; we Nazis must have the courage to rid ourselves of anti-Semitism. We have to declare to the youth that it was a mistake.”