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Tor Taft Supports Establishment of U.s.-british Survey Commission on Palestine

Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, who, together with Sen. Wagner of New York, has introduced a resolution in the Senate calling for unrestricted Jewish immigration into Palestine, today said that he would support the establishment of a joint American-British commission to study and determine how many Jews can and should be admitted to Palestine.

The Senator said that he understands that the British Government was asked to create such a joint commission the functions of which will be to determine how many Jews want to go from Europe to Palestine, and how many can find homes in Europe.

Taft’s suggestion followed publication of a letter sent by Sen. Josiah Bailey, Democrat of North Carolina, to Secretary of State Byrnes, in which Bailey objected to U.S. participation in a solution of the Palestine problem, and said that he would fight on the Senate floor any move to commit us to guarantee Jewish immigration or the establishment of a Jewish state there.