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Imposed on Haifa Port and Northern Palestine; Tel Aviv Council Hits Egypt Riots

A curfew covering all sparsely settled sections of northern Palestine was proclaimed tonight, Persons living in such areas were ordered to remain indoors between 5:30 P.M. and 5:30 A.M.

The curfew, which is apparently aimed at curbing attempts at sabotage, will be enforced also in Haifa port and the industrial area about a mile east of the port, including the torminus of the pipeline from Iraq, the oil refineries and the Palestine Electric Corporation. A curfew on vehicular traffic outside municipal boundaries was imposed last Thursday, following outbreaks here.

In Tel Aviv, tonight, Mayor Israel Rokach told the municipal council that steps should be taken to prevent aggressive acts against British soldiers in Tel Aviv, who are “guests of the city” and against attempts to prevent police from carrying out their duty.

The council protested against the anti-Jewish riots in Cario and decided to send a letter of encouragement to Jewish youths in Egypt “who prevented a pogrom in the Jewish quarters of Cairo.”