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Agent of Arab League in Mexico Charged with Posting Anti-Jewish Signs on Walls

A recent outbreak of anti-Jewish signs suffixed to walls of numerous schools and office buildings here is believed the work of an agent of the Arab League, who recently arrived in this capital, according to the daily El Popular.

The newspaper said that "this dangerous anti-Jewish outbreak springs from the Arab League that recently has organized propaganda offices in this hemisphere to propegate anti-Semitism." It added that "a representative of this League is now in Mexico where he arrived to carry cut political propaganda activities and it would not be surprising if this person was the one who instigated the racial discrimination in this capital."

Although the anti-Jewish posters were unsigned, it is believed by some circles that the same elements in the wealthy Lebanese colony here which helped finance the pre-war anti-Jewish campaigns of the "Gold Shirts," Nazi-styled political organization, may have collaborated with the recent purpoted Arab campaign.