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Thousands of Displaced Jews Demonstrate in British and American Zones in Germany

Thousands of displaced Jews in the American and British zones demonstrated peacefully during the week-end demanding the (##)ming of Palestine to Jews from Europe.

More than 2,000 displaced Jews gathered in front of UNRRA headquarters here, are the offices of the Joint Distribution Committee and the Hias are located. The deminstrators carried placards reading; “Long Live President Truman, Down with the White Paper”, “Open the Doors of Palestine”, “Let Us Go Home”.

When the demonstration was over, a delegation of the displaced Jews was recieved by Lt. Gen. Sir Frederik Morgan, Chief of UNRRA operations in Germany. The deception also conferred with Jacob Traub, J.D.C. director in Germany, and Ilja Dijour, (##)oveer of the Hias.