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All of Nazi Defendants at Nuremberg Retain Their Anti-semitism, Says U.S. Psychiatrist

All of the top 20 Nazis on trial here before the Allied War Crimes Tribunal retain their anti-Semitism and believe there is a basic lostility between Germans and Jews, Major Douglas Kelly, U.S. Army psychiatrist, who has examined all the defendants, told a Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent today.

Maj. Kelly added that some of the 20 believe, however, that perhaps they should have dealt with the Jews “more wisely,” attacking Jews economically instead of launching mass slaughters.

Meanwhile, several of the defendants are seeking to round up witnesses to Jews that they were always friendly to Jews. The court has granted the request of Ejelmer Schacht, ex-director of the Reichsbank, that it call a former official of the bank named Kretzchman, who the one-time Nazi economic dictator said would testify that he had opposed persecution of Jews.

The tribunal also approved a request by Boldur von Schirach, Nazi youth leader, that a Gustav Hopken, former chief of the youth organization’s Austrian office, be called to testify that von Schirach was not responsible for anti-Jewish activities.