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White House Unaware of Reported Russian Proposal to Participate in Palestine Decision

White House secretary Charles G. Ross today told a press conference that he had no information on a report appearing in the press this morning stating that the Soviet Goverment has asked to participate in discussions on the Palestine problem.

(The report, which appeared in a Paris dispatch to the New York Times, said that Russia has proposed to the United States, Britain, France and China that the Arab- Jewish problem in Palestine be submitted to a conference of the Big Five. The correspondent stated that he received his information from “a diplomatic source in touch with Near Eastern affairs.”)

President Truman will probably announce the American appointments to the Anglo-American inquiry commission on Palestine tomorrow, Ross said. Three persons will probably be appointed by each nation, he predicted, adding that he did not know whether an agreement had yet been reached on a time limit for the commission’s report. It is understood the United States had asked for such a time limit.